Seller Seller Information And FAQ’s offers a comprehensive set of privileges and unique features to the sellers. We help you start selling, by making the bare minimum of fees.

Reach Out Instantly To Hundreds Of Customers

Bring your quality products to the notice of millions of customers instantly, through With a massive audience base, located in all parts of Globe (especially India), you get the fantastic opportunity to cater to the demands and wishes of customers, from all classes and strata of society. Our online positive reputation and brand image will help you reap more returns on your minor investments.

In Time Communication, So That You Always Succeed

Shoplur brings to you the convenience of doing business online, with the least of efforts. Our swift communication ensures that you are notified in the least of time, of a new order or sale. We offer the seller precise information so that he or she can easily ship the products to thousands of pin codes in India, and zip codes across the globe. Our email and communication support extends to the customer as well, to ensure that greatest customer satisfaction is achieved.

We help you focus more on your business, and do the extra work so that you can produce goods of highest quality.

Make Your Products Shine In The Spot Light

We send your product listings to the customers frequently, so that they know instantly about the newest and hottest of offerings. You can easily bring the spotlight on your well-made goods, through the online ad campaigns, and we help you at each instance of the path. Our email support helps you to achieve more sales, every time. We also extend the product advertising to the social media websites, including Facebook. You just have to ship the product to the address of the customer, when we notify you of the order.

Easy Payments

Our payment process helps you to:

  • Attract new, and the repeat customers
  • Allows online shoppers to buy in a single click.
  • Has exclusive loyalty programs, which also provides for customizable and recurrent payments.
  • Make your products more trustworthy.
  • Increases the average order size and value
  • Provides for a seamless and memorable online shopping experience to buyers.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • An exclusive reach of the seller to all the data related to the online shoppers.

Sell Internationally

Shoplur helps you to sell to international destinations. Now:

  • Sell to customers across India and other parts of the world.
  • Suffer less from the seasonal business aspects.
  • Create an international brand value.
  • Monitor Your Success

As we offer you all relevant data, you can easily measure your success. The inputs help you to:

  • Improvise your business.
  • Improve, in order to make the products more appealing to the customers.
  • Know which products perform well, and which ones are lacking.
  • Gain from the customer feedback to improve the products.
  • Create new product lines, to deliver and match the versatile demands of both Indian and international customers.
  • Add high-quality images, increase sales by using persons as model

What Do We Expect From Our Sellers

We are committed to providing the sellers a flawless trading platform, and out authenticity and positive reputation emanates out of our honesty and genuine concerns, towards heeding the interest of both customers and sellers. We expect our sellers to:

  • Always send genuine and quality products to the buyers/customers
  • Informing us whenever the product goes out-of-stock
  • To abide by the return policy whenever the product is damaged
  • Inform us about any delays in product delivery (for whatever reason)
  • Shipping the item within a day, once you receive the customer address and other information
  • Giving correct information on the seller pages.
  • Note: Please keep personal name and store name different

We can only sustain our reputation and trustworthiness through your support. Integration of values and ethics will help us both grow better.

New Seller FAQs

What should I do, when I cannot find the product I want to sell, in the Shoplur catalog?

You can use the “Add product” tool (given in your seller account), and add your product to the existing list. There are some restrictions, and the product will be added after we review it.

What is the professional selling plan?

Presently there is no selling plan.You do not need to subscribe to the professional selling plan, to sell your products on our website. The plan has some unique privileges and benefits for the sellers. You can read more about the plan, and join it if it has what you want, or contains what seems lucrative to you.

How will I know, when my product is sold? will send you an email, once we receive the order from the online customer. Our e-mail will provide you the information relating to the order, and shipping information, among others.

What are the fees related to selling on

You can list your item for free on The fee is levied only when the sale is made. It includes the referral fee, the “variable” closing fee, and a “per item” fee. Some fee is waived for the sellers, who subscribe to the professional plan.Item fee is only 17%(15% shoplur+2%payment gateway) of the total product levied only when a  sale is made which is 50% lower than other sellers.There is a charge of 2% by payment gateway which is 2% which is included in the fees.We do not charge fees for shipping.Payout will be with the help of bank transfer or BHIM mobile app.

When will I get the “sale” money?

We deposit the money into the “Payment” account provided by you, once you confirm of having shipped the product. We disburse the funds to the sellers every fortnight, or in a period of 8 days after a sale.It is because of the refund policy of 7 days.Minimum payout is Rs 50.

Can I see all of my product listings on a single page, on

You will have your exclusive “Seller Profile” page on The online shoppers will be directed to your profile page, once they click on the name of the seller. On this page will be listed all your product offerings.

Can I temporarily “hold “ my account, when I take a break or go on vacation?

Yes, you can do that. The option is provided in the “Product Listing Status” feature, on your profile page.

Are there any prohibited items that cannot be sold on Shoplur?

Yes, you are not allowed to sell adult products, products which supports gambling or which supports adult products

How will I promote my product?

Sales of a product depend on traffic you get on your product.Best way to promote your site is to get traffic from social media.Share your product on social media like Facebook and relevant groups related to your product.We will also promote your product freely by emailing relevant customers and by facebook adverts.

Are there any documents needed for selling on ?

Yes, you need to send us any identity card proof for selling on

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Add product and make sure to specify shipping charges separately.Shipping charges depend entirely on the shipping courier, weight and shipment type.Please use Speed Post India for better shipping.

Visit store settings Untick-Show email address in store.Also, hide your mobile number from the store.